If you would like to become a part of Talent Unlimited and take on work assignments in the US, please complete the registration form and attach your portfolio.

We will get back to you once we have received it.

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You can include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any relevant ones that have sample of your work. Sample of works include music videos, sample music, photos or anything that would support your application. The more information you have on these platform, the higher chance of your application being considered.


Talent Unlimited International may use your information from your application to share with our clients in order to secure work for you – whilst we will make every attempt to inform you about who we share your information with and when we share, you consent to us sharing this information with our clients at any time regarding their current or future requirements. By completing this application you consent to us sharing your information and advertising your information including photos through our database. If you require further information please contact our Business Manager Sena Nitu at sena@talentunlimited.agency.

Modelling assignments in the United States are subject to the approval of relevant visas and working requirements in the United States. Whilst Talent Unlimited International makes every attempt to assist you with Visa applications with it’s third party providers, we cannot guarantee the successful issuing of such visas to the United States.